frequently asked questions

When is the Museum open?
The Stedelijk Museum is open every day from 10.00 – 18.00. On Friday, the Stedelijk is open until 22.00. The museum is open 365 days a year, including (national) holidays. 

How long will I wait in line before I can enter the museum?
It’s impossible to accurately predict how long visitors will wait in line. During peak times (generally at weekends and during holidays), the maximum number of ticket counters will be open. However, you may need to wait in line for up to one hour. If you can, you might like to avoid the busy weekends and plan your visit on a Monday, or on a Friday evening.

Do I also need to wait in line if I have a Museum Card?
With a Museum Card, you can skip the line at the register and have your Museum Card scanned at the gallery entrance. You don't need an e-ticket. 

Does the museum have a Priority Lane?

Visitors who have purchased an online ticket can go straight to the gallery entrance, and have their ticket scanned there. You don’t need to show your ticket at the register.

Friends, members and donors may use the Stedelijk Friends entrance (to the left of the revolving doors) and may visit the exhibition, accompanied by one guest. As a Friend of the Stedelijk, you also enjoy many other privileges. You can become a member for € 75 a year (this is for 2 people).

Become a Friend

Is there an additional fee for events?
Yes. There's an additional fee for Public Program events. Do you regularly attend Public Program events? If so, why not purchase a Museum Card, or become a Friend of the Stedelijk and enjoy discounts.

Do I need to print out my E-ticket(s)?
It is enough to show your e-ticket on your smart phone. Enhance the brightness on your mobile phone if necessary. 

Can I purchase a Museum Card at the Stedelijk Museum?
Yes. The Museum Card can be bought at the ticket counter and can be used immediately. Please note that Museum Card has changed its terms and conditions recently. For more information about the Museum Card and terms and conditions of use, please go to

Can I book or reserve admission tickets in advance?
Yes. You can purchase e-tickets online. E-tickets are valid for a year after the purchase date.

What are the opening hours of the shop and restaurant?
The shop is open every day during museum opening hours and is accessible without an entrance ticket. Restaurant Stedelijk, which is located on the ground floor, is open every day from 8.30 – 24, and is accessible without an entrance ticket. Café Zadelhoff, on the first floor, is open during museum opening hours. It is accessible only to visitors with an entrance ticket.

Is the library at the Stedelijk accessible?
Yes. You can visit the library without purchasing an entrance ticket for the museum. Library opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 12.00 – 17.00. For appointments:, tel. 020 – 573 26 50.


Does the Museum provide facilities for disabled visitors?
The museum has elevators suitable for wheelchair users, and toilets for disabled visitors. If you are a wheelchair user and need help reaching the galleries, please ask one of our staff members in the foyer for assistance. If you require assistance when leaving, our team is happy to help. For more information about our facilities for disabled visitors, please go to accessibility.

Can I reserve a wheelchair?
Yes. You can make reservations by phoning this number: +31 (0)20 5732 741 / 738 / 620 or by sending an email to: The museum has four wheelchairs for visitor use, and a number of Alinkers (a stylish new kind of non-motorized mobility vehicle). For more information about our facilities for disabled visitors, please visit our Accessibility page.


Does the museum have lockers, as well as a Cloakroom?
The museum has a free, manned cloakroom, and free lockers. Large bags and backpacks may cause damage and are not permitted in the galleries.

Can I take photographs in the museum?
Yes. But only if the photographs are for personal use. Flash photography is not permitted. If you require images for professional use, please email us at:

May I bring my dog?
With the exception of registered service dogs, animals are not permitted in the museum.

I lost something in the museum! Who do I contact?
For questions about lost property, please call: +31 (0)20 5732 745

Will I be confronted with explicit imagery?
Some works of art at the Stedelijk Museum contain explicit or graphic imagery that could be experienced as offensive. Although a certain amount of provocation is inherent to modern and contemporary art, the museum will make visitors aware of possible explicit imagery when relevant.

Some art works at the Stedelijk contain explicit or graphic imagery and can be experienced as distburbing. Although a certain level of provocation is inherent to modern art. the Stedelijk Museum will inform visitors about this when necessary and appropriate. 


How many artworks are featured in the permanent collection presentation?
There are a total of around 2,500 art objects dating from 1870 to the present day.

Can I be sure that my favorite artworks are on show?
Absolutely. Although some of our more fragile works cannot be displayed for longer than 3 consecutive months (such as photography, textiles and works on paper) you can be assured that the presentation always features work by famous names. The museum has a large collection, so if one of our iconic artworks is on loan to another museum, we always have another gem to take its place. The galleries devoted to art and design also have room for changing presentations which highlight different themes from our collection.

Does the museum offer a program of activities?
The museum provides a rich and diverse program to suit everyone. We have guided tours, special family guided tours, courses and workshops for children, as well as a varied Public Program of lectures, performances, discussions and symposia, book launches and evenings devoted to special themes. 
You can find an up-to-date program on our website in our Calender.

When do the guided tours run, and how long are they?
Every Sunday there are free join-in guided tours in Dutch and in English. Visitors can also join in with an interactive Walk & Talk on the first Saturday of the month, and take a guided tour with the Blikopeners two Saturdays a month. You can also book guided tours in different languages. More info about guided tours.

Are there children’s activities at the museum?
Yes! There are all kinds of fun children’s activities! We have a Lab for families, children and everyone that enjoys creating things. We also offer a great choice of Family Trails that takes you through the museum, a family audio tour, family guided tours and workshops for children given by artists.

Do you have an audio tour? 
Yes. The museum provides a free audio tour in four languages: Dutch, English, French and German. You can grab one for free at the entrance of the museum, after the tickets check point.