Unfolding Moving Thinking
15 okt 2015

Unfolding Moving Thinking is a cross-reading exercise hosted by Mariana Lanari and Sara Giannini aiming at the impossible meeting between the digital folder and the bookshelf. Prepare to open books, wander through words, unpack texts, voice images, follow coincidences, and mirror games. 

Bibliotheek Stedelijk Museum

To attend this reading, please send an email to / Graag van tevoren aanmelden via een mail naar:

The evening is the official launch of the online project Unfold and is the first of a series of events organized in the context of Moving Thinking, a 5 month performance by Mariana Lanari at the Stedelijk Museum Library. Both initiatives inhabit writing, reading and their deputy space, the library.

Prepare to open books, wander through words, unpack texts, voice images, follow coincidences, and mirror games. 

Unfold  is a curatorial experimentation on the digital folder to trigger anti-authorial agency, movement of thoughts, untimely collaborations. Re-generated by seven guest curators every two months, Unfold is a library hosting shifting constellations of artistic content, books, found objects and software, both newly commissioned and already existing. Like all libraries, Unfold is a space of copies, copies of copies, appropriations, heterogeneity and contradictions. Unfold is the final outcome of the VOLUME project, a research and artistic project focusing on the concept and agency of the library curated by Sara Giannini in collaboration with 98weeks Research Project (Beirut) and Vision Forum (Stockholm).

The first installment of Unfold is curated by Sara Giannini and is a labyrinthine structure turning The Arcades Project by Walter Benjamin into a library of folders hosting reminiscences of the VOLUME project. These diverse voices are interpolated hoping that their memory and different stimulations may channel into one another. With contributions by Mounira Al Solh, Stefanie Baumann, Andrew Beccone, Nadia Bou Ali, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Aldis Ellersdóttir Hóff, Per Hüttner, Sami Khatib, Marcell Mars, RYBN.ORG, Walid Sadek (& more…)  

Moving Thinking

Moving Thinking – The foundation of one’s thought is the thought of another is a 5 month long performance by Mariana Lanari at the Stedelijk Museum Library, in which she follows the movement of thoughts that links a book to the other through their content, departing from Writing as Sculpture by Louwrien Wijers, creating a maze that would eventually lead to the poetic wisdom of the first man in history.

The existing order of the books in the reading room, now alphabetically on artists’ names, is being changed, books are being taken out and works from the stacks are being added in a new fashion: in contrast with centered, or even polycentric systems defined by hierarchical modes of communication and pre-established paths (the tree model), this is an acentric, non-hierarchical, non-signifying system, without a general structuration and without an organizing memory or central automaton, it is defined solely by a circulation of states, directions in motion and connections between circumstances relative to the arts, sciences, organizations of power, social and existential struggles.

This cycle is being made visible this fall in the reading room of the Stedelijk Museum Library, which is among the 3 major art libraries in Europe, with a collection of 190.000 books, stored in 2,5 km of shelves underneath the museum galleries. 

The library is open to the public from Tuesday through Saturday from 12-17. The entry is free. Visitors are welcome to participate in the progress of the work. This is the first of a series of events that will randomly be hosted at the library.

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